Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Pantry organised!!! Finaly!!!!

Welcome to the never ending pantry makeover. Three years ago we moved to this house. It was a house that had a pantry, granted not a big one but it had one. That march I started my dream of getting modular mates for the pantry. To stay on budget I started sell Tupperware, I have to say selling Tupperware is awesome. I really didn't think I would enjoy it this much...ha who am I kidding, I LOVE IT!! with a limited house budget I was able to start selling right away, thanks to my good friends I did well. I haven't done a party in over 2 years. I really don't need to Tupperware sells its self with there great warranty and product. well enough with my obsession. On with the pantry, 3 years in the making.
 When we moved in the pantry was ok. I hated the doors. If you notice in past blog post no closet doors. only the linen closet and that is only cause my husband will not let me take them off. I took the doors off to paint the green and never put them back on. I love it!! its easy for the kids to put stuff back and it flows well with the kitchen. I am hoping to get over the fridge and stove doors painted in the next week. It will help in not making it look so busy.

These picture are all "in progress" pics over the years. This pantry has some road bumps if you may. Its so stinking deep its 17" deep and 19" wide, and the shelves don't move. I have looked on pintrest for 100s of ideas but I could never find the exact problem I faced or the budget I had.  
Now for the finished product. OH I AM IN LOVE!!!!  
It is organised very basic. In my life simple is best. The kids know were stuff goes and Red knows how to read. Its one of there jobs to fill the bins when we come home from our shopping trip.
The Breakfast shelf is very self-explanatory. In order to not " loose" things in the back I have a regular ovals mm with oats extra toast stuff chocolate milk syrup in the back. Then up front I have the "everyday " stuff . A box of cereal will not fit well on the shelf so the Tupperware cereal sorters work great. I also love them cause the kids can make there own bowl with out the bag falling out of the box. ugh I cant remember how many times Red lost a whole box on the floor.
Lunch / snack shelf,  also really no explaining needed. in the spot is just a bin from the dolor store that holds fruit cups and granola bars stuff like that. It works well.  
Pasta shelf and extra chips for mm Birthday next week.
I also switched out some stuff in the baking cabinet and I also love it.

 There is a lot of stuff in both these cabinets. You can also find past post about my always changing kitchen.
thanks for reading!!!

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