Monday, 5 September 2016

"Failing to plan is planning to fail"

I am a planner, list maker and rule follower. I feel that if you don't write out your goals and in vision what you want for your life, you will not see the path. Sometimes I look back at my goals from a few years ago and they have changed and some are the same. I like seeing how far I have come.
With our new health goals I need a plan. Yes planning takes time but saves so much more time in the end.  If you have never heard of Happy Planner you can get the lowdown here. Well of course I would not be a Happy Planner addict if I did not get the Happy Fitness Planner with my 50% off at Michaels, got this kit for only 25.00. Such a great deal with all the motivation stickers and a new pen and a page flag.  Of course I had to go back and grab another coupon for the sticker pack.

The 21 day fix is a color coded system that keeps you on track and then each day there is an exercise to do.  I made my own stickers and may makes some smaller ones for next week I had a lot fun setting this baby up but you totally do not have to have it so fancy but to me fancy is motivating.  I am so excited for this to start and start feeling better physically and mentally.  




How I got ready to change our life.

So you start a diet lifestyle change, you plan out the week and you are ready to do this BUT……

Your kitchens a mess, you are behind on housework ,you can’t find the measly 30 minutes a day to work out so…. You fail.

What if we didn’t focus so much on the diet but the time management aspect?

I was able to take a week before we started our lifestyle change and look at how I “waste” my time. Instead of being on the internet all day, I have now scheduled that out for 1-2hrs a day. I run my companies so I still need to be available but not that available.

I really looked at how we will be using our small kitchen to make the most of the space. We will be doing the shakeology so I needed easy access to my blender. I also needed room to store the veggies and fruit that don’t get in the fridge.

First order of business was to clean out all the junk food in our pantry. I took it all out and cleaned off the shelves I moved a lot down to our other pantry downstairs. I still kept the cereal at kid level with other breakfast items. Oats and peanut butter stuff like that. The next shelf up from that are the lunch items. My son still would like his not so healthy snacks and stuff. The other shelf is for veggies that don’t get refrigerated. Tomatoes, peppers, avocados, limes and lemons. Beside that is where all out measured out snacks will go.


Next was the fridge and freezers, I love an organized fridge. It just makes for relaxed cooking and no guess work on how old something is. I clean the fridge out every Thursday; garbage day is Friday mornings so it works well. I meal plan and shop Fridays or Saturdays and prep Sundays. The fridge is laid out with one of the drawers as a kid’s lunch drawer. It holds juice boxes, yogurt, cheese strings and fruit cups, stuff the kids can grab and toss in the lunch bags. I use to sell Tupperware and with that came a lot of free stuff yayaya. I love the fridge smarts. I don’t wash anything that is stored in them. I like to use a dry-Erase marker on them so I don’t forget what’s in them; I have a very bad memory. The top shelves will be for prepped meals and snacks.

I feel the trick with this lifestyle change is to be a bit organized and planned out. It will pay off 10 folds when the craziness of daily life is trying to get you off track.
Next post is how I plan out the meals and what I use to keep it all straight.

A new life

So let me start by saying I hate the word DIET. I really feel it’s like a bad word and I tend to rebel a lot. I am changing the word to LIFESTYLE.

I am a mother of 2 children; Red is 10 and MM is 7. We live in a small community in Alberta. My Husband and I are not the “small” people and our children have inherited our bad eating habits, granted we have a 10 year old that is 5’2”. She will be taller than me, I totally can see that happening and mm will be fast approaching her. The basketball coach already has eyes on her for next year’s team.

Our Lifestyle change came up when my husband and I woke up to reality that our daughter is very heavy . She always has been bigger than her peers. We also have parents that are getting sick at a very young age. My father was diagnosed with colon cancer 9 months ago. Thankfully he is on his way back on the road to health. This made us really open our eyes to the fact we need to take care of ourselves. I always tell clients if you want your kids to keep their rooms clean you need to clean yours first. You need to hold the same standards you have for your kids to yourself and they will follow.  With that in mind we can’t put Red on a diet lifestyle change and not do it ourselves.

I have never been on a lifestyle change before so I am very nervous of failing but I feel wisdom comes from frailer. I also feel we will do well because it’s the whole family doing it. We will learn new foods and new ways to have fun. We will grow as a family and shrink in size.

We have signed up with one of our friends. She is a beach body coach and I am so pumped to see what we can do together.