Thursday, 25 August 2016

Living in liminal space

The last few months we have been living in a unknown world. I feel so out of control with what to do next? Where do we take our family?  How do we live off the little money we get from EI? Do we sell the house? Do I quit my company to get a more steady job?.  This is a lot to think of, a lot to worry about. This season has most defiantly put a strain on our relationship and finances. With my hubby home with us it had been so nice to parent together and enjoy our kids.

I was listening to my favorite podcast the other day and it was on seasons and how to navigate though them. We feel overwhelmed and stuck waiting for a job to call us back. We are in a strange place that I could not think of a good word for. Then Rob Bell said that this space is liminal space.

“Participants "stand at the threshold" between their previous way of structuring their identity, time, or community, and a new way. Continuity of tradition may become uncertain, and future outcomes once taken for granted may be thrown into doubt. - Wikipedia 

This is 100% how my husband and I feel. We are at the threshold of old and new.  We still don't know what and where we will go and that is ok. We have some changes coming that will be good for us. I hope to share them here with my peeps.

Embrace the liminal space and don't stress and hurry to a space that may not be where you need to go. In this space breath, find peace you will figure it out and the universe will guide your heart to a new way of life you just need to be patient.

Till next time my friends



Monday, 1 August 2016

My Planner that keeps me sane.

Good Morning,
I have a secret of how I stay organized. I love planners and love lists. I have never been diagnosed with ADHD but I feel sometimes I just don't have the greatest memory and a little forgetful. It is my biggest anxiety trigger that I will forget something.
I carry a Happy Planner. There is a lot of different planners out there. I feel you need to find what will work with your life. I love Happy Planner for a few reasons.

  1. I love the pages are removable. The disc bound system is awesome and strong. 
  2. 100% customizable. They have a lot of things that can be added to the planner. They have fitness, meal planning, todo lists and budget planners.
  3. lets me be creative.
  4. fits my whole life in one book.
look at there site for some awesome stuff.

Some of the Happy Planner candy that I am in love with.
My Motivation page

A busy week.

Cleaning schedule

Goals for the coming month

Lists Lists and more Lists

I am in love with the stickers that they have.

love that I can be creative and useful at the same time

I am not being compensated to talk about this planner. I just love it so much and I feel that if you are a busy lady this is the book for you. I just love how it keeps me on track of my goals and keeps my home and 3 jobs all in one area and I don't over book myself.
Have fun and wing it.

sometimes plan but somtimes wing it


Good Morning, life here in the crazy house is.... crazy. In this season we are in its hard and so unknown. We don't know where we need to go. Its like that song "should I stay or go now". As of right now we are trying our best to stay in our home. I am working on a awesome clients home. Hubby is filling in at a other company. Praying he can find a job soon. For now life is kind of nice having him around helping with the kids well I am working.

With us staying in our home we have been really looking at what we own and how much you really need. I am thinking on sharing some of my tricks on how to live on EI.  We can plan but sometimes you have to wing it. We are totally winging life right now and that is ok.

I think I will make a schedule to blog more. I also have become a planner baby. Wel I have always loved planners since high school but now I love it even more. I will share more another day but here is a little sample of it.