Sunday, 18 January 2015

laundry room makeover.

Good morning!!!!! Well this was a awesome week. Got lots done, a few friends had babies. All around it was good till today and i woke up with a cold booooo!! But lots of tea and bloging will make me better in no time. 

The last week i have been redoing my laundry room. With Christmas it just got away from me. So good thing a bowl full of lemons had that on her 14 week organize your house that i am following. On with the pictures. Well lets look at the before eeeee it scary. No wonder i was falling behind it was a mess.

When we moved to this house 3years ago the laundry room was in need of help bad. We were planning on redoing the whole basement so i was not going to do anything till we had done renos. Well a year in the house nothing happened  so i painted it a miss tint i had got for $5, cant go wrong with that. It worked well.  

I am a person that gets tired of colour easily. So i wanted a change badly. I sent the kids to school and headed to Canadian tire for my paint. I love the lady there super friendly and and she likes my colours. Lol. I came home ready to do this job. I cant be any more happy with how it turned out. I have been doing laundry all morning and its just a dream to be in. Are you ready. 

 Pictures don't even do it justice.  Its so bright. I was a little worried putting the colour on the walls but i love it now with all the stuff back in.  Laundry rooms always have clutter i feel. Plus i don't have a cabinet to keep laundry stuff in so everything that is in here has to look nice to me and easy for putting away. 

I got super soiled by my amazing dad.  I gave him the measurement's i needed and he had some wood in his garage. Its perfect i just have to decide what colour i want to paint it. The plans you can find on my top fave website. Anawhite,  i love all the stuff she makes. 

Red and i made this it was a sign i had got from the thrift shop for .50 cents. Mm has already matched a bunch of socks that i could not find. That is one of his jobs for the house. 

People that really know me know i LOVE!!!!!! pegboard. In the laundry room our water lines are in the middle of the wall. I carfully put pegboard over the line to make the wall way better. To make it look good i did a quick stencil i got at walmart a few months ago. As you can see i colour code our hangers, yes crazy but they look so good in there closets. The kids clothes get hung up well about 90% of it. You can read a small post about that here . 

One last quick and cheap thing i did was a dolor store run. For $10 i got tins thst are ment for the kitchen but they dont seal at all but i just love the look of them. So grab 3 at $3 a each amd a pack of chalkboard lables 6 for a $1. They are perfect, for now you never now if they mught get hit with some spray paint in the spring. 

 Wall colour is tropical paradise from CIL real life.

Well i think that is all for today. Well off to do more laundry. Yaya 

Happy organizing!!!

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