Wednesday, 7 January 2015

30 minutes can do wonders.

Now that school is back after Christmas's holidays, i need to put some order into the house. Today i am going to show you what 30 minutes can do to your space.

At Christmas's time this room is a work horse. Its got 50- 100 cards being made , presents being made and wrapped. So after the holidays this room is #1 on my list to get back to order. So it only took me 30 minutes to put stuff away.

large holiday bomb went off in my craft room, but well i waiting for the washer load to be finished, i started my timer for 30 minutes and started putting stuff back or tossing it in a "needs to go somewhere else" basket. 
It was alot of stuff.  

Here is after 30 min. 

This room is not magazine quality but it is my favourite room to be in. Its all mine!! Soon i will have the cabinet system i want but till then this works.

So what thing have you been putting off. Try setting a timer for 30 minutes and see what you can do. 

Remember, we are not looking for perfection, its all about progress. 

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