Monday, 12 January 2015

Good morning world. Well it is another start to the work week also its week 2 of the organizing Challenge at a bowl full of lemons. This week we are going into the dreaded laundry room. Well i guess normal people don't like laundry. I am crazy and love laundry.  It calms me, helps me think and focus. I not sure were i got my love of doing the laundry my mom hates it. Well lets take a look at my laundry room that i don't love but dont  hate lol. Its small but that's OK it does what in needs to do. In this house if we have guests over they have to walk though our laundry to get to the room and to the bathroom. Not the best idea but its what i have to work with.

So it not to bad. Just needs a bit of decluttering and a good cleaning. I am thinking on tossing some paint on the walls today and tomorrow. But cant decide what Colour. There is very little natural light in the room so a clean bright colour is what i am looking for. It needs to flow with what ever colour i use in the bathroom too. 

After looking at some ideas on the web i think i have picked one.

 that is the plan this week. To really clean up the basement area. After 3 years it needs it. So off to the hardwear store i go after the kids go to school.
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