Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Well I have finally had a bit of time to myself,. I just dislike flu season so much. Here after a few weeks of being MIA in the blog world I am back to share my favourite place, as of right now (craft room under construction, going to LOVE it) My living room and dinning room are the hub of our house. We watch a lot of movies online like Netflix and when we had a regular computer it was hard to watch it on a  20" monitor. So we did a lot of rearranging and came up with a great idea. take the 32" TV and make it our computer. WOW it was the best thing we did for the house. Before we had so much going on in the living room it was so overwhelming to me.
Reds birthday pic shows it behind the couch.
The First dresser that came was amazing and best price EVER Free!. We took the bottom drawers off for the computer tower and the other one was the printer that you could pull out. It worked well for over a year but it was not really want I wanted I wanted something that fit everything. I wanted a bit of character and colour.     
Then when I was over at a fellow DIYers house in behind her garage was GOLD!!!! lol yes the mother of all dressers IT was love at first sight.
BHAHAHAHAH!!!! most people would toss this baby. Not the Dutch in me, my grandma would have been proud. I could not get it in my truck fast enough. NOT JOKING.
Got my free dresser home and started right away it was in ruff shape. After a little sanding and turning the top over we were good to start painting. Because 90% of the time I am going crazy(good Crazy)  and forget to take pictures mid-way.
 Now for my after pictures
I redid the hardware as well with black chalk board spray paint, it holds up the best. The Tower needs to be vented so I was on a nothing budget and the panels that were there just came out not a problem. I had  some shelf slip grip hanging around so I just stapled it on the doors. for balance I did both sides.   
The one side has great drawers were I keep all my Tupperware sales stuff.
the tower and wifi box go here and it was made for it PERFECT!!!!!

computer stuff

office stuff

phone books and camping directory
I had this shelf at the front door for a bit but when I redid that I tossed it here and it works great. Wish it was a little closed off but it being open helps it stay organised.
So on a nothing budget no joke I had the paint and everything. I love taking trash and making it amazing!!!
PS there is a other drawer not pictured here because it hold HR stuff  for my mom and dads business and it is super off limits
What do u think of the idea of the TV/computer?

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Welcome to 2014

So happy for the new year. I usually don't do new year resolutions out disappointment. I always fail at them 2 weeks in. But this year I made one big one that might solve all my problems or at least make life a little easier.

Ok I am omitting, I am a chronic procrastinator. I remember in elementary school getting in trouble because I would wait till the last minute to do anything. I see red and mm doing that same thing or them wanting to start a school project that is not due for a week and I am like "oh you don't need to do that right now". eeek I am setting my kids up for the same stress and anxiety that I have suffered from my whole life. I need this to stop.

So 2014 is my anti-procrastination year, yes this will be the hardest thing for me. My family needs this. With my husband and I will be  married 10 years this July and with me turning 30 in September, this year is a big year I am ready to change the one thing I dislike about myself.

Some of my goals to end my chronic procrastination;
  1. stop putting off exercise/ walking the dog. I love walking but I have put it off because I have a 100 reasons why I am to busy and I have a lot of fear that I will fall in winter yada yada yada.
  2.   stop procrastinating in saving money. yes I procrastinate in paying bills and saving money. This will help alleviate a lot of stress and save me money because I am not paying late fees.
  3. follow my routines chart and follow though with my house cleaning schedule.
  4. Finish the projects that mean the most to me and my family. ie finish painting kids rooms, and kitchen and not worry about perfection so much. 

In the mind of a non-procrastinator this all probably sounds so easy but for me these 4 things are the things that cause me so much stress and anxiety on a daily basis. I am ready to be a non- procrastinator.

what are you all doing for your new years resolutions? Do you suffer from perfectionist procrastination? well join me on  my journey this year to have less stress and to get things done.

I have joined other bloggers in simplifying our lives