Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Pantry organised!!! Finaly!!!!

Welcome to the never ending pantry makeover. Three years ago we moved to this house. It was a house that had a pantry, granted not a big one but it had one. That march I started my dream of getting modular mates for the pantry. To stay on budget I started sell Tupperware, I have to say selling Tupperware is awesome. I really didn't think I would enjoy it this much...ha who am I kidding, I LOVE IT!! with a limited house budget I was able to start selling right away, thanks to my good friends I did well. I haven't done a party in over 2 years. I really don't need to Tupperware sells its self with there great warranty and product. well enough with my obsession. On with the pantry, 3 years in the making.
 When we moved in the pantry was ok. I hated the doors. If you notice in past blog post no closet doors. only the linen closet and that is only cause my husband will not let me take them off. I took the doors off to paint the green and never put them back on. I love it!! its easy for the kids to put stuff back and it flows well with the kitchen. I am hoping to get over the fridge and stove doors painted in the next week. It will help in not making it look so busy.

These picture are all "in progress" pics over the years. This pantry has some road bumps if you may. Its so stinking deep its 17" deep and 19" wide, and the shelves don't move. I have looked on pintrest for 100s of ideas but I could never find the exact problem I faced or the budget I had.  
Now for the finished product. OH I AM IN LOVE!!!!  
It is organised very basic. In my life simple is best. The kids know were stuff goes and Red knows how to read. Its one of there jobs to fill the bins when we come home from our shopping trip.
The Breakfast shelf is very self-explanatory. In order to not " loose" things in the back I have a regular ovals mm with oats extra toast stuff chocolate milk syrup in the back. Then up front I have the "everyday " stuff . A box of cereal will not fit well on the shelf so the Tupperware cereal sorters work great. I also love them cause the kids can make there own bowl with out the bag falling out of the box. ugh I cant remember how many times Red lost a whole box on the floor.
Lunch / snack shelf,  also really no explaining needed. in the spot is just a bin from the dolor store that holds fruit cups and granola bars stuff like that. It works well.  
Pasta shelf and extra chips for mm Birthday next week.
I also switched out some stuff in the baking cabinet and I also love it.

 There is a lot of stuff in both these cabinets. You can also find past post about my always changing kitchen.
thanks for reading!!!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

laundry room makeover.

Good morning!!!!! Well this was a awesome week. Got lots done, a few friends had babies. All around it was good till today and i woke up with a cold booooo!! But lots of tea and bloging will make me better in no time. 

The last week i have been redoing my laundry room. With Christmas it just got away from me. So good thing a bowl full of lemons had that on her 14 week organize your house that i am following. On with the pictures. Well lets look at the before eeeee it scary. No wonder i was falling behind it was a mess.

When we moved to this house 3years ago the laundry room was in need of help bad. We were planning on redoing the whole basement so i was not going to do anything till we had done renos. Well a year in the house nothing happened  so i painted it a miss tint i had got for $5, cant go wrong with that. It worked well.  

I am a person that gets tired of colour easily. So i wanted a change badly. I sent the kids to school and headed to Canadian tire for my paint. I love the lady there super friendly and and she likes my colours. Lol. I came home ready to do this job. I cant be any more happy with how it turned out. I have been doing laundry all morning and its just a dream to be in. Are you ready. 

 Pictures don't even do it justice.  Its so bright. I was a little worried putting the colour on the walls but i love it now with all the stuff back in.  Laundry rooms always have clutter i feel. Plus i don't have a cabinet to keep laundry stuff in so everything that is in here has to look nice to me and easy for putting away. 

I got super soiled by my amazing dad.  I gave him the measurement's i needed and he had some wood in his garage. Its perfect i just have to decide what colour i want to paint it. The plans you can find on my top fave website. Anawhite,  i love all the stuff she makes. 

Red and i made this it was a sign i had got from the thrift shop for .50 cents. Mm has already matched a bunch of socks that i could not find. That is one of his jobs for the house. 

People that really know me know i LOVE!!!!!! pegboard. In the laundry room our water lines are in the middle of the wall. I carfully put pegboard over the line to make the wall way better. To make it look good i did a quick stencil i got at walmart a few months ago. As you can see i colour code our hangers, yes crazy but they look so good in there closets. The kids clothes get hung up well about 90% of it. You can read a small post about that here . 

One last quick and cheap thing i did was a dolor store run. For $10 i got tins thst are ment for the kitchen but they dont seal at all but i just love the look of them. So grab 3 at $3 a each amd a pack of chalkboard lables 6 for a $1. They are perfect, for now you never now if they mught get hit with some spray paint in the spring. 

 Wall colour is tropical paradise from CIL real life.

Well i think that is all for today. Well off to do more laundry. Yaya 

Happy organizing!!!

Monday, 12 January 2015

Good morning world. Well it is another start to the work week also its week 2 of the organizing Challenge at a bowl full of lemons. This week we are going into the dreaded laundry room. Well i guess normal people don't like laundry. I am crazy and love laundry.  It calms me, helps me think and focus. I not sure were i got my love of doing the laundry my mom hates it. Well lets take a look at my laundry room that i don't love but dont  hate lol. Its small but that's OK it does what in needs to do. In this house if we have guests over they have to walk though our laundry to get to the room and to the bathroom. Not the best idea but its what i have to work with.

So it not to bad. Just needs a bit of decluttering and a good cleaning. I am thinking on tossing some paint on the walls today and tomorrow. But cant decide what Colour. There is very little natural light in the room so a clean bright colour is what i am looking for. It needs to flow with what ever colour i use in the bathroom too. 

After looking at some ideas on the web i think i have picked one.

 that is the plan this week. To really clean up the basement area. After 3 years it needs it. So off to the hardwear store i go after the kids go to school.
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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

30 minutes can do wonders.

Now that school is back after Christmas's holidays, i need to put some order into the house. Today i am going to show you what 30 minutes can do to your space.

At Christmas's time this room is a work horse. Its got 50- 100 cards being made , presents being made and wrapped. So after the holidays this room is #1 on my list to get back to order. So it only took me 30 minutes to put stuff away.

large holiday bomb went off in my craft room, but well i waiting for the washer load to be finished, i started my timer for 30 minutes and started putting stuff back or tossing it in a "needs to go somewhere else" basket. 
It was alot of stuff.  

Here is after 30 min. 

This room is not magazine quality but it is my favourite room to be in. Its all mine!! Soon i will have the cabinet system i want but till then this works.

So what thing have you been putting off. Try setting a timer for 30 minutes and see what you can do. 

Remember, we are not looking for perfection, its all about progress. 

Sunday, 4 January 2015

motivation for the new year

Good Morning world!!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday, and Happy New Year. I have big plans for the new year. I want to share more and help more people get control of there homes. This last year I have been working at becoming a professional organizer. Its a bit tricky when I still have a kid home part time but slow and steadily I am getting closer.

To start off the year I have decided to join a 14 week home organization program. I think this will be big for me. As with a lot of people I have stuff I haven't touched in a year, but I keep it around for "just in case" moments. I am helping others with there mountains of stuff but sometimes feel like I am drowning in my own home. I find that people think that because I have a dream to help people find there homes again, that my home is amazing and clean. Well that is not the truth, I have clutter and junk just like everyone else. I am busy and stuff falls to waist side.

I got a amazing book for Christmas this year. FYI I don't love to read books, blogs are different I can read them all day lol. It is the motivation manifesto by Brendon Burchard. It is life changing. His book will lift me and my life to a new high. In it he talks about fear and becoming free from our fear. I once had a client that was afraid to get ride of anything out of fear she would 1: need it at some point or 2:  the person that gave it to her would be some how offended if she gave it away. Yes I am guilty of this in my life too. I have fear sometimes of getting rid of a thing that has memories tide to it and if I get rid of it I will completely forget that memory. That should not be a fear we live with. I have seen people have a fear of moving the house around "what if we don't like it " well we will move it back if it does not work. Lots of people have a fear of it not being perfect. Breadon says in his podcast that we cant perfect something if we don't do it. We have to first do then we can perfect it. I feel that a lot of people are afraid that they will not get a pintrest like house. pintrest, even for me is a distraction. It  should be a tool not a distraction. You can look for hours at amazing homes it can make you frozen in fear that your home will never look like that. Yes it will not look like that if you don't put your device down and clean and just do it, if it does not work, try again.

So this year move yourself to a better, cleaner and less stressed life and home. Also take some time a listen to brendon buchard on his podcast. I clean well I listen to him. Now go out a be amazing at what motivates you.

PS I am not being paid in anyway to promote Brendon. I just feel that he is amazing and I would love the world to know this.