Sunday, 4 January 2015

motivation for the new year

Good Morning world!!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday, and Happy New Year. I have big plans for the new year. I want to share more and help more people get control of there homes. This last year I have been working at becoming a professional organizer. Its a bit tricky when I still have a kid home part time but slow and steadily I am getting closer.

To start off the year I have decided to join a 14 week home organization program. I think this will be big for me. As with a lot of people I have stuff I haven't touched in a year, but I keep it around for "just in case" moments. I am helping others with there mountains of stuff but sometimes feel like I am drowning in my own home. I find that people think that because I have a dream to help people find there homes again, that my home is amazing and clean. Well that is not the truth, I have clutter and junk just like everyone else. I am busy and stuff falls to waist side.

I got a amazing book for Christmas this year. FYI I don't love to read books, blogs are different I can read them all day lol. It is the motivation manifesto by Brendon Burchard. It is life changing. His book will lift me and my life to a new high. In it he talks about fear and becoming free from our fear. I once had a client that was afraid to get ride of anything out of fear she would 1: need it at some point or 2:  the person that gave it to her would be some how offended if she gave it away. Yes I am guilty of this in my life too. I have fear sometimes of getting rid of a thing that has memories tide to it and if I get rid of it I will completely forget that memory. That should not be a fear we live with. I have seen people have a fear of moving the house around "what if we don't like it " well we will move it back if it does not work. Lots of people have a fear of it not being perfect. Breadon says in his podcast that we cant perfect something if we don't do it. We have to first do then we can perfect it. I feel that a lot of people are afraid that they will not get a pintrest like house. pintrest, even for me is a distraction. It  should be a tool not a distraction. You can look for hours at amazing homes it can make you frozen in fear that your home will never look like that. Yes it will not look like that if you don't put your device down and clean and just do it, if it does not work, try again.

So this year move yourself to a better, cleaner and less stressed life and home. Also take some time a listen to brendon buchard on his podcast. I clean well I listen to him. Now go out a be amazing at what motivates you.

PS I am not being paid in anyway to promote Brendon. I just feel that he is amazing and I would love the world to know this.

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