Saturday, 14 February 2015

quick update


I am getting massive cabin fever lately. Not to sure why, its very warm this winter here in the valley. today I wanted to tidy the house up a bit. I got roses from my honey today so of course I LOVE!!! mason jars and yellow roses. I changed the front door area for the 100th time in the last 3 years this fall. I LOVE the cabinet so much. Its crazy how much stuff you can fit in this thing.

Such a breath of fresh air in the winter days!!
I got the runner from Wal-Mart 6+ years ago. I had a few of them. I had standard file boxes (yuck!!). I took one runner apart and hot glued the fabric to the boxes. Love this idea for large cheep bins. The bins hold all the winter stuff and shopping bags.

 I took some name badge tags Velcro and tossed in some paper and a label bamm done. This whole thing took me no more then 40 mins with covering the boxes.
Go and as some freshness to your space.

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