Sunday, 19 October 2014

kitchen tour

Oh it a good day here in the valley. Its a very nice fall day not sunny but not cold just the way I like them. So after a load of questions being sent my way on how I keep my tiny kitchen organised. I have taken the time to take pictures of the cabinets and share my favourite tips.

I just painted the kitchen, you can read that in my last post. This post is about the practical stuff, the down and dirty stuff., ha-ha well not to dirty. Are you ready for picture over load.
 I love pictures.

 ok I start any organising project with how you use the space. For a space to stay organised  you have to be able to put stuff back fast and easy. In the fast paise of life i don't want to be moving things around to get to the things i need everyday plus i don't like cluttered counters. I do someday live in my kitchen. I love to cook, maybe even more  then i love to eat.

we will start in the far corner. Its my baking central station. Its a family love, My family are professional bakers. I am more of a cake decorator but I do love to play around someday. As you can see, selling Tupperware in the last 2 years has really helped my cabinets get organized. oh its so freaking sexy!!!!!  so this 2 foot area is PACKED with everything for baking.
 The drawer under my mixer is also packed, it is so big!!! LOVE  so my scoops and measuring cups are in here. (also they are Tupperware) yes i have a problem

 Under the drawer is baking stuff too, well not all of it .I do have some big pans and cake takers in my pantry downstairs. Post to come on that. I love large Ziploc bags for stuff so i always have a  box there. A cereal sorter keeps a whole 4 kg bag of sugar and keeps bugs out. eeewwww I keep my egg cooker down here oh that thing is a hard worker in this house. I love shoe boxes too.. a lot! so in the far back one the holds my stuff from my tw choppers and the other holds my mandolin accessories. I love doing this way one because i just grab it toss it on the counter use it clean it and put it back. Second  it does not take up any drawer space. If you haven't figured it out yet I LOVE CONTAINERS. The cabinet only had on shelf when we moved in so i bought one tossed it my muffin tins and loaf pans stuff that is thin on that shelf. The other bin has some manuals that I like having close at hand.
NEXT I love having a sandwich press but it so big and its so heavy if i was to put it down stairs i would never use it. I got lucky that it fit perfectly between the drain pipe. my Fryer also fit perfectly between the drain. I love the use of this space, It is a waist of space other wise. I got my drawer rack from home hardware i think its the most i have ever spent on a organising thing a whopping $35 yes  i am cheap. All my dish clothes and towels fit in there YES!! ALL of them I have 8 of each i feel even 8 is much. i do towels twice a week (stinky towels eewww) so i really never run out. I also keep my sink cutting board from ikea here. I only use mr clean and Windex all the time in the kitchen that is what is in the purple bucket. On home blessing day I grab it and go clean everywhere.   

This is over my sink. Blue basket holds microwaveable tw.  Then food storage. Then medications. i don't like it in the bathroom and really for some reason it always ended up in the kitchen anyways.
The dish cabinet the most used cabinet in the house.
It hold every thing "drink". Tea and  hot coco the kettle everything to make a good cup of joe. I like having everything in one spot for 2 reasons 1 is that I know were it all is and 2 I don't buy doubles of things and i can see when  I run out.
on to the other side of the room. ahhh look at those wonderful shelves. Cant wait till my chalk board is done. Oh and my rocketfish stereo LOVE (thanks mom and dad and brothers )
first cabinet is well just food prep stuff. I have a thing about toasters in counters. Maybe one day when I have more counter space it might not drive me as crazy. But for know i have it here with a tray under it. this cabinet use to be a sink cabinet. cant complain for a $1. The biggest problem it is so wide that I could not get shelving for it. I got a shoe rack that fit perfect. Lunch kits and more TW. I love magazine holders for so much more then just books. They work great for the bowl lids. and my cutting boards hang on a small coat hook on the door.

the utensil drawers . pretty basic stuff here. My grater goes in here to but is dirty. Every thing has a home. i love measuring spoons lol i have 3 sets. that is the one thing I will let clients keep lots of, well max 3 sets. 
This cabinet shared in my back to school post
ok and beside the stove
there was only one cabinet here when we moved in. My dad made these for me for Christmas. I LOVE them they hold lids in one and the other is cooling racks and cookie sheets. Its important to have every inch in a small kitchen use to it fullest.

Then the pantry
This pantry makes my OCD a little nuts but its getting there. ahhhh red modular mates I love you!!!!
so that is my work in progress kitchen. This is not the last you will see of this room. Now i get to cook dinner in it right now before the man gets home from work.
I challenge you to find more space in your kitchen. Think out side of the box!!!


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