Monday, 13 April 2015

office organizing!!!

Welcome!!! spring is in the air and I am loving life.  I have a few free minutes I wanted to share some of my office organizing with you today. This may be the shortest post I have ever done. Ok here we go, well you all know I LOVE!!!!! labels I don't think you can over label, well maybe a little.

so I got his cabinet from a friend. I cant wait till the weather is better I can toss a coat of paint on to it. For now it works great for my office stuff. I am so happy with this space right now. I run 4 companies out of my little 10x13 office. The wifi printer fits perfect here the little drawers up top hold all the paper and labels, then I have all company's divided in magazine files. I love magazine files SOOOOOO much they just make piles look so much better lol.
It is super simple with some nactac and some labels all from the dollar store and it looks so clean and nice. My catalogue for thirty one is all put into a binder in protective sleeves. My calendar is also in there its easy to book parties.  
this shelf if my organizing company and all the HR stuff for my families business. yes I have a whole basket for jimmy hooks yet another obsession.
well that is all the time I have today. pray for good weather so I can paint this asap.  have a great day

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