Monday, 27 April 2015

home blessing!!!! aka cleaning

Today I am going to share my trick for keeping my clean enough with kids, a black lab puppy and a husband. Lets get started, so home blessing is a thing that fly lady started me on years ago. I had 2 demanding kids under the age of 3. MM was a colicky, cry 24/7 baby, it was no fun for any of us. Under extreme anxiety I stumbled on flylady looking for ideas to help with the house stress. She had some great ideas. I started them right away. Step one was keeping the sink clean. WHAT is there a bottom of a sink, but I follower her advice and made sure I had a clean sink every night. it was AMAZING!!!, but for me it was not just a clean sink, it was starting my morning off with nothing to do just make the kids something to eat and unload the dish washer. It was big, I felt I could control the mess a bit. The next step was to get dressed to laced up shoes , crazy right I am a stay at home mom I don't need to get out of my pjs. ha that was even bigger step to calmness was to get all the kids and I dressed even if we were not going out anywhere. It gave us energy and happiness. I would even brush my hair and maybe toss on some makeup, not for anyone else but for myself. Then came making a cleaning schedule, she did not say I needed one I just needed one to make me feel like I had purpose, that I could control at least one thing in my life. I liked to get most of my cleaning done in the morning. At first it was basic stuff, sweep and mop, dishes, make bed. As what flylady says baby steps. Then came home blessing hour, she does hers on Monday I tend to do mine on Fridays. kind of get ready for the weekend I might do a quick version on Monday if we have had a lazy or busy weekend. I see it like a reset on the house.
This is my home blessing hr. She does her differently as I said before, all in all it is what works for you and your family.
  1. 10mins putting laundry way.
  2. 10mins vacuuming or Swiffer the 10lbs of dog hair off the floor.
  3. 10mins away dusting what ever needs doing.
  4. 10min  laundry room filling up the smaller jugs whipping down the machines, sweeping, making sure all loads are done.
  5. 10 mins doing a 21 toss, this is me getting a shopping bag and going around the living room and dinning room and basement living rooms, trying to find 21 things to toss could be garbage or a old broken toy or something to donate.
  6. 10mins to put stuff back in there parking spots.

I love to listen to pod casts, my favorite one is hardwall. It is an hour long so it is perfect for this and it is high energy and gets me moving.

had to share this its so sweet. you can download the file at

I hope this helps to relieve some stress from your life. Have a blessed day!!!!!

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