Thursday, 30 April 2015

waiting for perfect

As I sit here, at my kitchen table trying to think  of ideas for my living room. I cant help but think I have to wait to share with all of you my hard work. Its not perfect yet, it might not be perfect for a few months. I am not about to go shell out $250.00 for the coffee table that I want just to make blog world happy.

This is the problem with the world today. Everyone has to be the perfect, put together person. That alone, is stressful. We are suopse to make mistakes, take chances, live life without fear or judgment. I was talking to my daughter the other night well she was doing homework. I asked her why did you skip that question? her answer was "what if I get it wrong". it hit me like a bean bag was just fired into my chest. she lives in fear that she will be wrong, so she dose not even try. her and I talked for a bit, I never thought that she would aswer like that. I want her to try her best but the fear she has at 8 is already holder her back. I asked her why she was scared to get it wrong. after saying I don't know 20 times she fianly said she dose not want to make us mad and the teacher to get mad.

 this is one of the resons I do the things I do. I was a labled kid in school. I was in the "special" group of kids. I hated it and loved it all at the same time. the expectstions from people was very low for me. "she cant do that". half the time I was sent off to another room well the "normal" kids learned school stuff I was being showed how to use a calculator and spell check. in the moment it was nice, I got the easy way out. know that I am older and have kids my self, I refuse them to be put into the "special" class. being labeled not smart at a young age was hard on me. I didn't go to collage because I had fear I would fail. For years I wanted to start my own blog, to put my voice out there, but because I was labeled 12 years ago as a not so strong writer I thought that no one would want to read a blog from someone who has the worst grammar and spelling. as you can tell I didn't lisen to the nay sayers. I wanted to show my kids even though I am not a strong reader or writer I have a voice and a talent. I love to organize and I love computers. I remember a teacher came to me one day and asked me what I was good at. I didn't know all I knew was I was not good at a lot of stuff. she showed me that the things I was not strong at were holding my things I was amazing at down too. I met this teacher in grade 11.

so in the end we all  looking for a thing that realy does not exixt. perfection does not exixted non of us are perfect, some might think that, but nothing is perfect well exept for a sunrise and a sunset. stop waiting for profection its never going to come. I think that us women need to show reality sometimes. The 3 teir cake was not easy, it took hours to plan and make "perfect" it was manufactured stress just so my kids would have the perfect birthday to remember. I bet the only thing they really remember is the nut case of a mother trying to get the thing to say up.
so lets help each other out. non of us are perfect.

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