Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Good morning,
well I have had a flood of questions about how I run my house. Trust me we don't live in a show home. I have "clutter" and messes. We all do, even the people that look like there house is perfect.

So the questions EVERY mom has is how do you keep the house clean with kids? Well that is a challenge all in its self.  I had a light bulb lighting hit me in the head moment. I was getting so mad and upset with the kids bedrooms and playroom. We moved to this wonderful house with all this space and they still could not keep it clean. (Enter crazy mom here ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!) why am I expecting, then 5 and 2 year old to one clean like me and to know were everything is suppose to go. Heck I could not remember where it suppose to go. So I set out on a mission to be a MOM and take control of there spaces. They had some say on what we got rid of. Red is a stuffer and a hoarder, she gets that from here mother. If there is no home for something it gets tossed with anything it will fit with.

So I would litteraly sit in the play room at there level and I would get so overwhelmed. That is were we started getting rid of lots. Do they realy need 5 rolling pins in the play dough bucket and realy does the bucket have to be the size of a laundry basket NO!!!! you are the boss you control 100% what the kids have. I found a $1 store basket and the kids picked there favorite play dough stuff and that was it the rest got donated to a  friends day home. Know they have to share more of the stuff but really, is that a bad thing.

Some of my pointers in getting the kids stuff under control is getting yourself under control.They don't need that much stuff. They don't need to keep everything. you need to help them learn to not have to NEED all the stuff. You are the boss. Also if you cant clean the room why are our expectations so high for a small child.

Know 2 years latter my kids get rid of stuff all the time they really have no need to keep stuff. but I struggle more and I have to remember its ok get let go of stuff that does not make there life better. you yelling less and cleaning less is really all that is important. I will post all the other tricks I have asap.
coming soon!!!!
How to label for school age and preschool\kindergarten age
Thinking the way a child thinks
how to make a kids closet and or dresser work for you and your child.
How to get kids to help with house work.
Reds room before our big purge. How would you feel getting up every morning to this.....STRESSED!!!!

If you have any idea as well, I am always looking for cool stuff for the kids


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