Sunday, 19 October 2014

Kitchen makeover on a nothing budget

OK I think I have never been so excited to share my makeover of my kitchen. Oh this kitchen is getting better over time, well that's what I think. Lets go back, WAYYYYYY back.
When my brother bought the house

Then he painted It was not bad. The red was nice just didn't go with the feel I was going for.

ugh cluttered mess

We have been living here for almost 3 years. I have grand dreams for the kitchen but not a grand budget. I grabbed the cabinets from a few places. A family friend and the thrift shop here for a $1, yes your see that right ONE loonie. It was luck, destiny, fate what ever you want to call it. The base cabinets fit like omg I could not have planned it better if I tried. Ok lets get on with some super eye candy. 
funny moment for a second, so I sent my husband a text well I was doing this that said "do you want to see something sexy" and this is what I sent him
OMG that is one sexy baking cabinet
 Lets get on to the really good stuff. oh its good, well I love it and I see a very small light at the end of the reno tunnel for this kitchen.

We had the shelves in storage since they came off to fit the hutch in the dinning room.
The old cabinets we great for holding stuff but they were so dark and blah in that corner. I love open cabinets and or shelves. I, like a lot of people love to stuff things and have that "Out of sight out of mind" thing happen.   

waiting for paint to dry sucks sometimes this is going to cover the hole from the old spice shelves

I didn't do a lot on this side just cleaned it.

this might be the hardest kitchen to photograph.
In spring the green will be coved with the  house color.  

still waiting for the top doors to dry. but oh it looks so good.
This is the problem we have in this kitchen there is 8 walls in this kitchen ugh, and the man and I cant agree on the pantry getting doors or not. I love it open ( I love looking at my beautiful red Tupperware) and its easy to put stuff back for the rest of them. 
I am in love with my kitchen. Its a work in progress, but I am looking for progress not perfection.
Please comment, love to know what you think about the pantry door.

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