Saturday, 30 November 2013


So rewind 2 years ago, tomorrow we were moving in to our "new to us" house. Going from 720sq feet to just about 1000sq feet, most people would think that is not that much different but to us it was the flow of the house that we loved. It was my brothers house and he was moving to the city for a new job so why not take it off his hands. It has 3 bedrooms up and a bathroom and then a "developed" basement, with 3 bedrooms, a tv room and a bathroom. Because I just love before and afters I have to put some pictures up for guys. caution long post but lots of pictures

these are the pictures my brother use to list the house.
then my crew too over
It always gets worse before it gets better right

master bedroom
all the toys they want and they play with my mats

back door landing

trying to find a layout that worked

one word CHAOS!!
having a nap between unpacking boxes
we lived with one chair for 2 week  till the new couches came
The house is always got a project going on but the house had really made huge changes in the last year for really no money. We had more important things to get like a new furnace and hot water tank yaya home ownership.
The best place in my house. My free dresser makeover. This dresser hold lots of secrets that it closes off at the end of the day. You can see how I keep it organised here
Not in love with this red on the walls but I think when we redo the horrible tile we will change it.

As you can see Green is my favorite color This apple green is also in the laundry room
Mistint $5.00 for a gallon  
The dark black hole got a massive paint job. This was one of the first places to get paint.

I have to do laundry everyday so you might as well make it nice place to be in.
Finally was able to put our bed my dad made up. the old house was to small. He is so talented.

red is so happy to have her own room

I love this bathroom. Another $5.00 mis-tint.
No more orange wall but more green :)
Well that is all for a little before and after. As my husband says I have a harder time committing to a design in the house more then I did saying yes to marrying him. So the house changes with our ever growing needs.
I hope you liked reading my blog as much as like sharing with of you all.
Till later be crazy and think out side the box.  

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