Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Winter decorating on a budget

So winter is here, full tilt. I don't buy or do anything Christmas related till nov 12, in honor of Remembrance day. So by midnight on the 12th I am usually itching to get started. This is my Favourite season. Don't like the snow and cold, But when my house smells  like cookies and looks so magical it makes me super happy.

So I started some small decorating yesterday, with some super cheap decorations. I was at Wal-Mart and wanted a nice fun wreath this year, but my budget for decorations is always $20.00 a year that's it. I like doing that way so I don't end up having to find storage for all the stuff for 10 months of the year. Last year I got a huge box of balls from the thrift shop for $3.oo. I use them to fill my vases around the house. It is the easiest way to decorate and CHEAP!!!!

My Brother in law gave me the vase a few years ago for Christmas and I think it is my favourite thing in my house. I love that it changes seasons and colors with me. the candle holders he also gave me. They are filled with sand and shells 10 months of the year but for winter I put that sand in a bag and toss in some Epson salts, peppermint oil and some glitter from the dolor store. The kid always ask how I make the snow not melt.
Next I made 2 wreaths 

This one the kids helped me to make with a bunch of plastic balls. I got a wire coat hanger and bent it into a circle, slid the balls on and then I connected the wire back together. Tied a ribbon on to hang from the door and tossed on a big ribbon from my last year stash of bows. I have a thing with teal and olive green I LOVE IT!!! the dollar store had a 3 pk of birds in my colors for a $1.00 each pk. yaya I just LOVE a good deal. The only problem I had with this one was my screen door got in the way so I have to find a different spot for it.
With that one not fitting in between the doors I had to go to plan B. so out came another wire coat hanger and some décor mesh from the dollar store, some more birds and BAM!!!
  A wreath that cost all of $3.00
I really like this one. You can really see it from the street its a brighter green then in the picture.
Well that is all for today but the day is not over I just might think of some CRAZY idea before bed.
What cheap decorating ideas do you all have? have you ever tried not to buy more decorations and just use the old ones in a new way?  Look around your house and see what you got before adding more clutter and things.
Happy decorating

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