Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Welcome to 2014

So happy for the new year. I usually don't do new year resolutions out disappointment. I always fail at them 2 weeks in. But this year I made one big one that might solve all my problems or at least make life a little easier.

Ok I am omitting, I am a chronic procrastinator. I remember in elementary school getting in trouble because I would wait till the last minute to do anything. I see red and mm doing that same thing or them wanting to start a school project that is not due for a week and I am like "oh you don't need to do that right now". eeek I am setting my kids up for the same stress and anxiety that I have suffered from my whole life. I need this to stop.

So 2014 is my anti-procrastination year, yes this will be the hardest thing for me. My family needs this. With my husband and I will be  married 10 years this July and with me turning 30 in September, this year is a big year I am ready to change the one thing I dislike about myself.

Some of my goals to end my chronic procrastination;
  1. stop putting off exercise/ walking the dog. I love walking but I have put it off because I have a 100 reasons why I am to busy and I have a lot of fear that I will fall in winter yada yada yada.
  2.   stop procrastinating in saving money. yes I procrastinate in paying bills and saving money. This will help alleviate a lot of stress and save me money because I am not paying late fees.
  3. follow my routines chart and follow though with my house cleaning schedule.
  4. Finish the projects that mean the most to me and my family. ie finish painting kids rooms, and kitchen and not worry about perfection so much. 

In the mind of a non-procrastinator this all probably sounds so easy but for me these 4 things are the things that cause me so much stress and anxiety on a daily basis. I am ready to be a non- procrastinator.

what are you all doing for your new years resolutions? Do you suffer from perfectionist procrastination? well join me on  my journey this year to have less stress and to get things done.

I have joined other bloggers in simplifying our lives http://simplelivingmama.com/2013/12/clearing-the-clutter/

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