Monday, 11 November 2013

The black hole of the front door

So after moving in the new to us house we had to find a place for everything. We have a front entry that had some problems. For some reason they never have a door on the closets in the house. Even our old house didn't. It is kind of annoying. It becomes a the first thing that people see when they enter our house.
first attempt at getting a system

Then it  got worse
and then a bomb went off.
Then I gave up I had lost all hope of ever have a wonderful entry. 
Getting ready for the Christmas I was cleaning out the playroom and found that the kids were not using there toy box very well so it found a new home in the entry.

 sorry dog toy in the pic lol that is life.
I went in to my basket stash and found a bunch of shoe boxes so all seasons are stored here all in one spot. I LOVE IT!!!!
I labelled the inside of the lid so that kids and hubby know were everything goes.
I also took all back packs and paper out of the area and put it all in the dinning room. they dump it there anyways.
PEG BOARD to the rescue
I love it when everything has a home .
what do you all do with your stuff that comes into the home everyday?  

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