Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I have just started sell Tupperware. I got my refrigerator mega set the other day. I am in love with it. I started with just 4 fridge smarts.

I am very picky about how my fridge looks. It was an on going fight with it to stay organized. I then hosted a Tupperware party and got this fridge set for free.

We recently moved into a "new to us" house and when we moved in i realised that they took the drawers out of the bottom. I was very stuck in not having them there, then i had a light bulb go off. I have a 3yr old and a 5yr old that we like to foster independents.So all the milk and (when i get yogurt)that will all be on the bottom so they can help themselves or help me set the table.
The bottom of the fridge where the drawers were, was all scratched up. so i was at walmart one day doing my weekly walk down the nac-tac isle, and fell head over heals with shelve protector the best part is my kitchen in olive green and brown, so perfect match.also if the kids spill or it gets really nasty i can just toss it in the washer.Also i have had the fridge like this for almost a week and it looks like that still because i am not stacking things in there just willy nilly. Everything has a home and i love it. when i go and get the lunch stuff(juice boxes pudding cheese strings ect.) it will go into the old meat keeper.

Let me know how you keep the busiest spot in your house organized and tidy.

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