Wednesday, 8 June 2016

hold it together with some duct tape

Good Day.

Life is still crazy busy but I love it. I had some time and some duct tape. I know right a bad combination for me. My office is working out great for me and the kids love coming and hanging out in here with me well I work. I love my space to. Would love to find some time to paint the walls but it will come soon.

Ok on with today small project. I got these drawers a few years ago off our local buy and sell. I loved them they get around a lot in this office. For a while they held all my office computer paper. Now they hold all my office stuff i.e. pens, stapler, stuff like that. Well of course I love duct tape and I was as the dolor tree here and found some awesome duct tape, like clear the shelves out kind of stuff.

I few months ago I coved my magazine holders with some tape and I loved it. It makes them look great and adds to the strength of the holder. You can read it here.

Back to the drawers. I simple took the old hardware off and stuck on the tape. Super easy.

I had some knobs kicking around and for now they work good but you know there will be super cute ones coming.  The bag and basket are for my planner crap as my hubby calls it, But that is for another day. Yes I have jumped on the planner addict train hard core. That is another post or 2 for sure.
Till then be crazy and live life.

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