Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Good morning blog world!
I figured I  had a few spare minutes to update you all on our progress. Well we had our first showing last night. The couple is so sweet and so excited to move forward. We still have to deal with all that bank stuff still so the house is still for sale as of right now. I am getting more and more excited and nervous but I do see the end results and that is debt free and a small farm house.
The past week we took 9 bags of clothes, 3 boxes of house hold stuff to the thrift shop and 2 truck loads of garbage to the dump. Still have about 1 more load to take to the dump as well. Removing all this stuff feels so good. Its crazy how much stuff can hide in a 920 sq house. I have worked in large homes and its shocking how much stuff just accumulates. We are on a tight budget so its not like I buy anything.
So we are now one step closer to moving into our travel trailer. The kids are getting excited. I hope I can keep my emotions together on this journey and pray lots, for guidance well we are on this crazy path.  Pray we can find the honey a job soon.

Buy for now.

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