Saturday, 23 April 2016

Office Progress

Well it has been I while since I blogged. I have been supper busy making a life and somedays just surviving. I am working as a designer’s assistant and I am so happy doing it. It has its stresses but I still love it. I also became a partner in a paint company and now sell American Paint Company brand chalk paint and I am enjoying working on that as well. I still do HR for my parents company and I also still am organizing for a lovely lady a couple times a month.  I can see why I have not a lot of time to blog and do house projects.
I think today I am going to share my office in progress. I love it, it’s getting there slowly, but it will be the best office ever soon. If you want you can see my thoughts on the office here. I got the cabinets in and realized they were not regular height. They are more desk height and I was more excited cause then I didn’t need to get new chairs and then my office really became free.

My amazing hubby helped me so much with this. I think he really wanted me to get a nice office so I would stay in it and not drag all of it to the living room.  We got to work right away. We started with the closet. It was not a bad closet but if you know me I love a good closet organizing system.

Some of the drawers needed to be fixed so I did that well hubby cut the 10foot counter top. Yes 10 feet of awesomeness. I can stretch out all my paper work and it’s awesome. As you can tell I love my office.  
We grabbed an other counter from my dad. He had it in storage for a long time. It fit like it was meant to go in this room.

Oh it came a long really well. I was a bit worried it was going to be to big but I don't think so at all.
Then I filled I filled it all back up with all my goodies.
Needs a bit of work but it holds a tone of stuff.

For now it looks a bit busy for me but I am still loving it and I do stay in here with my work now. The best part of the office is the window. It lets so much light in and I can hear the birds singing away. 
 Well that is all for today. Thanks for reading my free office makeover. Stay tuned, you know it will change again.



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