Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Big Dreams

Well a lot is going on in our life so why not dream bigger. So if you are a reader of mine you know that I love moving my home around and have more home commitment issues then I do with my husband. He was easy; knowing if that is where the dresser will stay is so hard. Thankfully he still loves me. I started full time organizing for clients and am now an assistant to a local interior designer and loving it like crazy. With more work means my office is in need of a rethink.  I know my office moves more then I work in it. So in order for me to make a plan I figured why not write a blog to get my ideas out of my head. So here is goes.

I love my office up in our old master bedroom. I love how the kids can come and work on homework in here and not over take my dining room. I love how much natural light comes in, and I just love the size.  Now that is where it goes downhill from. I just am asking a lot from a 9’11” x 11’ room, but I have faith that I will get it to where I want it soon.

I am a feeling person, I gravitate to things I like because I like the way they feel. If it gives me joy I go right to it. So I have a mish mash of cheap well-loved things in my office that don’t really spark joy it was just a good deal or free. With my business taking off I want my office to reflect me as an organizer and a creative person. I want to feel joy when I come in here to work. Right know it is busy you can see everything and is a lot of little pieces of furniture.  My goal is peace and joy now how do you make an office and craft room give you peace and joy. You plan!!

So I got my hands on a kitchen cabinet and counter from a client’s home and I am so excited to get to work after my payed work gets done. As always I am cheap and I don’t want to spend a lot of money right off the bat so for now we will just brain storm today.

This is were we are now I love the feel of this lay out, not crazy about everything out on display. So here is the plan. I have 3 cabinet units coming today. They will go on the long wall under the window, just like this.
EEEEK!!! Can you feel my excitement. Well of course I am crazy and if you give me cabinets I will want to paint. It will be a few weeks before I have time to paint maybe on spring break. I am gravitating to a light color.

I LOVE teal so doing a light grey makes for a good back drop for what ever I pick but on the other hand I love color and this room is one I spend a lot of time in. I cant wait to get started on this project and get my dream office to go with my dream job.
Please comment and let me know what you think. Has anyone else over taken there small master for a awesome craft room/ office ?

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