Saturday, 27 February 2016

finding homes for your "homeless" clutter

Wow, can anyone tell me were February went. It has been a crazy busy month here in the valley. I have to schedule more posts in March I think. I have a few projects on the books for March it will be so much fun.

 So I got a request from an old school friend last week when I had writers block on what to blog about. She really needed help in finding out were I put my “homeless” stuff. These are things like paper clips, pens, candles, screws for something that you may need but don’t want to put in the shed until you know you don’t need it.

The thing with this stuff is it depends on the person’s life really. I use to call myself lazy now I am just distracted or busy. Being distracted well decluttering is a challenge all in its self. I have a few steps to share that I live by that make my home less chaotic.

1.      Nothing in our home is “homeless” EVERYTHING has a home and also everyone in the home knows were said items home is.

2.      Think outside the box. Don’t think because you have an office in the basement that all office stuff needs to be down there. I have a drawer in my china cabinet that I use for “office” stuff. I.e. pens, pencils, paper clips stuff in that nature. I also have a place in my office I have, were things go as well.  

3.      I use a paper planner which I love so much. I had a small scrapbook organizer kicking around so I tossed something’s into it and I just love that I can take it to where I need it.


The kitchen drawer.

The front door dresser and dinning room.

In my office.

 One thing if you didn't notice was I don't have a lot of things, well I do have a thing with ink joy pens and sharpies. The trick is that they fit were they need to be. Clutter I feel is the overflow. if you have a drawer you cant fit anymore into it then then its become clutter. I hope this helps with finding homes for things. Next post will be about paper clutter and how to deal with it.

Have a great weekend



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