Monday, 25 August 2014

front entry, take 5

Good day! I am here to share my front door redo with you today. If you follow my blog you might know that is have a front door from the 60s. its horrible.(older post here)  NO door for the closet and the hardwood floor was getting very bad. so bad that I got a sliver in my foot from it. My dad had given us some flooring for our bathroom that was left over from there reno in there house, But it was 3" to short for the bathroom. so plan B was to use it up in the front door. Lets see a before pic of the front door first.
nicked name the 'black hole' for a reason I hated coming home to this.

 Even just putting the lino down changed the area. I can mop it now. Its the small things in life right.
total cost $5.00 for a lot of glue left over.

next took some math skills I do not have but I think it turned out well. anyone with kids and husband that work hard the walls at a front door or main entrance get trashed. With this in mind I sat on the web for hours looking at other peoples ideas . It was time to not look for perfection and just get the project done. here is a few before photos of the wall.

I was not bad, it is just not totally my style. Then I went to town with my idea. I feel I could not have been better I just love it.

The wall colour is Jade frost and the trim is white on white.
We want to change the green wall but cant decide on a color that we both like. This project was a little pricy with the trim but it was still under $100 but it changed the whole house and gave the home so much character. I love it.
Just a few more pics
The pictures were taken at the same time and same lighting what a difference paint does.  As you can see if painted the door well I was at it too.
Just to add a splash of my FAV colour to the house.

Well that is all I am off and runny to do some more crazy things with the kids before school starts in a week. YAYAYAYAAYAY!!!!


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