Monday, 25 August 2014

bedroom makeover on a $30 budget

I have found a new product, it might be a problem. Chrome spray paint. Stay tuned for EVERYTHING!! in my house to be Chromed.
Today I am here to share my master bedroom makeover. I might have spent $30. ok first that's go back to what it looked like before. NOTE: this is the smallest Master bedroom, but to us its bigger then our old house. The room is 10'11" x 9'5" see so 'BIG".

When my brother owned the house
When we moved in. My dad made the bed for us. I just love it so much.

As you can see it was a dark chocolate brown. It served my brother and us for 6 years. It had a blue wall that was nice as well.  I wake up one morning and was ready to over haul it, but with school starting funds for projects is not going to happen. I tried to get over it and moved on with my day. We then went for our weekly thrift shop trip and they were sitting there Screaming at me. "BUY ME,PAINT ME" well you know if that happens its fate. I paid the first worker I could find a whapping $2.00 for both  and could not get them in the truck fast enough.

With some water damage on one of them painting was the only option. I had one drawer to fix with a L bracket. The bones were just what I always wanted. Then I had to pic a color out of my paint shelf. It was hard I wanted them light but also with our bed very country I wanted it to flow with the rest of our house that is kind of county chic modern blend.
I had lots of trim colour left from our front door redo (POST TO COME). Out came the paint and brushes. The kids helped paint the table and I spray painted the drawers. I love chalk board spray paint it covers great and is so very durable. One can has done so much I cant even think of all the stuff I have redone with it.  As I said before with the chrome spray paint. I have never used it before, I always figured it would look cheap. Well Canadian Tire had it on for $5 a can so I thought I cant buy one new pulls for $5 and them look good. I took the plunge and painted the nasty ones that came with the tables. WOW!!!!!!! LOVE  

after just one pass. HEHEHEHEHE
I also had a can of $5 mis-tint paint on my shelf and I tossed it on the walls lol the whole painting the room and tables only took maybe 5-6 hrs. that includes a dog walk and bike ride in that. Lets just say I might have been a little crazy. I pulled my shoulder so I was down for the next day. Well if you call making window covering down lol I have wanted to make these for so long so I took the plunge.  I followed her instructions and was so impressed  how easy it was.
I just used a twin sheet. When I find a side curtain I like I will maybe add one but for know we love these. total cost $5. I had the blinds kicking a round for a few years. they are not perfect but I really love them.   
well are ready for the whole room picture. Are you ready!!!!
 I have requested a new bedding set for my birthday in 3 weeks so hopefully I can get that asap.
Just need to get our wedding photo printed and my sign made and it will be 100% the bedroom of my dreams.

  Just some eye candy shots. I made the frame a long time ago. The lamps are a thrift shop find $3 each and the tray is also thrifted for $.50.
Lets recap the budget here. Wall paint $5.00
night stands with paint $7.00 and window coverings $5.00
grand total =  $30.50

This is proof you don't need a large budget or a large room to make your dreams come true. My sign beside my bed says it all. I am blessed.
Get crazy happy with your house, even if you have no money. The smallest thing can make a big difference on you well being.  

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