Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Dinning room hutch organised

Good morning, It is so early here(5am). Hope your summer is as great as mine,I just love summer. So I will try and stay on topic today but I have so much to share with the blog world. I will start off with Back to school. (insert the most wonderful time of the year song here). With the best time of year it is also crazy busy, still trying to have fun but also get back to a schedule.
I started by organizing the dinning room. With Red starting grade 3 and mm starting kindergarten this will be a big hub of the house. If you didn't read my hutch makeover post you
Let me show you how you can take the biggest thing in your house and use it well.
I think this is my favorite thing in my whole house, besides the people I guess. I am standing in the door way of our kitchen taking this picture. You can see the kids backpack station in the corner. It has been in operation for over a year and it still works very well. You can read my small post here on it.
Drawer #1 is the kids drawer. The cabinet came with the sliding tray built in, It works great. I want to build a few more around the house in other tall drawers. This drawer only holds school work books and one coloring book for each kid. There is more downstairs in the craft room. I like to keep this space super simple. I find with kids and sometimes me as well, if you complicate something it does not stay organized. We also have bins in the craft room for extra school supplies and stuff if we need it.  
Drawer #2 is my drawer. I don't need a lot of stuff in here. I just use it for  storing some office stuff , bill paying things, note books, and my awesome sharpie collection. HEHEHE I have a problem. I got the tray from Canadian tire and  I love it.  
Drawer # 3 is dinning room stuff I guess. Table runners, napkins stuff like that. Sometime I store candles in here at Christmas.


The 2 side cabinets are very large. One has the can recycling and the other houses my binders for the house and the all in one recycling. We are little spoiled in the valley in that we don't have to sort our recycling we just blue bag it and leave it in the alley every 2 weeks. I have a bin at the bottom of the stairs that holds the flattened cardboard that cant go in the bags. So I don't forget to put it out I set a reminder on my phone that goes off Thursday afternoon so I can toss it out side for Friday pick up.  The white basket is the shred bin. Very self explanatory but I just toss in important paper ie visa recites bank stuff I don't keep that kind of stuff and when it gets full the kids and I take it to the shredder in the craft room or my sweetie burns it in the fire pit.
One day I will share how I organize my binders, but there is so much very very personal information in them that I don't think I want on the internet. Well for now that is all for this project. Not to crazy. 
How do you get ready for school? Were do you put all the kids stuff that you don't want to see 24 hrs a day?
Till next time have fun and think outside the box.

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