Sunday, 12 February 2017

Before i became a Professional Organizer.

When you hear Professional Organizer what do you think?

1.       Helps Hoarders only

2.       All my stuff will be tossed

3.       Oh I bet her house is perfect.

4.       Oh what if she judges me

5.       I need to organize before they come over

The list can get long but none of it is true. We POs don’t just work with hoarders, we don’t toss ALL your stuff, our homes are not perfect, we do not judge you in any means of life and you do not have to organize before we come over.

The tv I feel has made us out to be only for the severe cases but in reality we are for anyone that need some order.  Some people have adult ADD and that is hard to move though things specially if you were just diagnosed. We help families with kids that are struggling in school and the home is stressing everyone out, kids don’t do well in clutter.

I feel POs need a new name.  We are clutter coaches or productivity coach or a family chore specialist. We can be anything but I feel the name Professional Organizer narrows people’s minds down to a clinical idea like a therapist. But if you needed a Doctor or a plumber you would want a professional.  

Organizers also don’t just put things in beautiful bins and hope that it works.  Yes bins help to contain things but they can also create their own kind of clutter.  When I started out on my own path to a more organized life I was a crazy bin lady, I still am. You know there is a whole store in the USA just for containers. It’s on my bucket list to go there lol, bucket list.  Oh boy see bin crazy lady.  Anyway  I use to have that mentality that if I put it in a bin then it was organized well then I could not remember what bin it was in and have to look though all the bins or give up and go buy the idem again. That is not organized.  
In my growth as a PO I have seen myself grow in my organization journey. My husband found our old hard drives with 1000s of pictures on them and WOW I should have hired me 5 years ago.  I didn’t think it was that bad but yes I was deep into my hoarding creative mind set.  Let’s look back at my organizational journey for a min.
This room was to many things. It was my main office area. It was the hardest room to keep clean.
This was the play room where I think it was just a game of  how many bins can we toss before mom finds out.
This in the middle of my attempt at organizing this crazy space. I had the mentality like most the more storage the better, not in this case.
This was my "creative" space. I did not enjoy working in this space at all. I need sunlight.
This was our basement landing area it always drove me crazy.

Thankfully my home has changed a lot in the past 5 years. I keep things that add value to us and our lifestyle but not everything. I love looking back and seeing how far we have come in making this home ours. I guess I wanted to show you all that even though I am a professional organizer now I totally get where you are coming from when I come into your home. I have been there and I want to help anyone that feels they cant move past the clutter. I hope to be the helping hand you need to reach your true potential.

Till next time, have fun and be a little crazy.

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