Saturday, 29 August 2015


Oh ya I finally got my office space I have been dreaming about for years. So we have decided to move our master bedroom down to the basement with the other bathroom. its like we have a master suite down there know more to come on that later. For the month of September just scaring the office, one project at a time.
As you all who know me I love a good before and after pictures, drum roll please.

I suffer bad from clutter blindness, well I think 95% of the world does. No wonder I was stressed working in here. Now I have a 6 foot window in my new office and the fresh breeze is coming in and just making me love life right now. I forsee a lot more work getting done in here.

If you ever have read the kids book, give a mouse a cookie, that is me all the way. If your going to move the ugly desk and cabinet upstairs empty you may as well give it a lick of paint. This color you may recognize from the frontdoor project ahhhhh I just love this paint. It was a mis-tint from Walmart and oh man it was so worth the $5.00 I paid of it. I love exteritior paint, it covers anything very well with a good hard finish if you let it cure for a few weeks. The tall cabinet is from a friend that was wanting to get rid of it so I grab it a few years ago. I think it was a microwave cabinet but it works sooooo great for all my office junk.If I was not a crafter I would only need these 2 pieces but I love crafting to. oh and I love my table my dad made me. Being 5'11" it is hard to find stuff that is tall enough for me to stand at.

still a work in progress but I think in a week this is good. I will show you my BEST part of this space. The closet!!!
well this is what it looked like before its little make over. hehe that is for another post. well that is all for today. Think outside the box sometimes you can make your small house work better for all members.

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