Saturday, 29 August 2015

make it beautiful for cheap!!

I got the function down now I need to make it beautiful on a small budget and I mean small. Were do you go with a budget? that's right the dolor store.
I love these cheap magazine file folders. I get them at ikea for 5 for $2.99 steal of a deal. I have no clue how many I have in the house. (had to go count lol 32 that just the kids and I use the hubby has at least 7)

ok before pic love the space but I need color!!
Some good tunes on and my supplies. I just simply stuck the tape on and made sure I lined it up and bam maybe 30 mins of work and all the ones in my office (19 in total) are done and of course I need cute labels. A sheet of Avery address label's and They are perfect for me.

So love the color its sooooo close to the desk color.

Under my printer cabinet for other office stuff.
I labeled everything else too.
Holiday décor and home décor stuff

Party decorations bins

Kids crafts bins
This is a old magazine stand that I got for $1 at the thrift shop. It works amazing for quick gift wrapping.  I tossed in our craft paper roll in too sometimes we wrap gifts in plain paper and decorate it.
Gift wrapping station
I am truly in love with my new office. So much I just love about it. This winter will be great to be in here for a whole day.
Not bad at all!!! a total of $2.00 of duck tape makes this mama crazy happy.

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