Monday, 24 March 2014

Closets, closets and..... more closets

Closets galore this last few months. Anyone that really knows me knows I LOVE closets. Yes its a crazy thing considering I just might have the smallest in my house ever. I do find that when I am at friends and clients houses the closet is the last thing people see as having potential. I, on the other had see so much potential in every closet I see. For example Reds closet is "small" but it holds wait for it ......12 feet for shelving and 4 feet of clothing storage.   

Red helped me label her closet so she would know were everything would go. Best thing we have in there is her too small bins and too big bin. Oh they have saved me so much headache. If it is to small she just tosses it up into the bin. But for a 4' closet it holds a lot. Even lately she has moved stuff around to put more books up. Spring is coming soon and the closet is so full of dresses. Also my big rule is our home is "the floor is not a shelf"
Next I did a friends kids closet. 2 sisters that share a closet and no dresser. oh I was in heaven with the space. It was a 6+foot closet. (daydream face here). They didn't have a lot of stuff it just was not nice to look at. Its important that when doing a kids closet that you label everything and label the way your kid reads. She had was a grade 2 reader and a kindergarten reader. We did pictures and words for the bins.   
When I figure out how to post printable, I will have the link here.
Back to our house we moved all the rooms in our basement around. I love it. So the new playroom has a closet in it. a whopping 3'. Its for games and dress up stuff the kids love it.
The next house if a good family friend who has a bigger problem. The whole house has one closet. in the spare room that is all.  For some time she would tell me she cant do anything because she dose not have a closet in her bedroom. Well... I am always up for a challenge. In a 6hr period with 3 adult women and 4 kids we got all this done. The only thing we bought was the system for her bedroom I just LOVE it. We still have a bit to do but it was a great start.    

This is her mud room. It is making big leaps into becoming the place she wants to come home to. Its very important to remember you did not collect the things in one day you cant get rid of it all in one day. 15 minutes a day makes a big difference in getting you space de-cluttered.
Closets, use them they have so much potential to add to your space without taking anymore square footage away from the room.   
  Happy organizing

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