Friday, 28 February 2014

Linen closet.

 Well with a family of 4 and a fur baby, Some days this area of the house is a must. This is the only place we have for bath towels and bedding. I dream of the days when I have a linen closet in the bathroom. But with that dream over for now I have this very very deep linen closet. When we moved in, it need a lot of work. well it needed better shelves. Over the last 2 years it has had a few changes to make the large space work for us.

Man Look at all that wasted space

Know that Red and MM are getting bigger I don't have to be so worried that they will get into the cleaning stuff. What I love about my linen closet is that fact it is "big".  I replaced the old shelves that did not go all the way to the one side with "new" white shelves. The kids broke a TV stand a few months before so I took the sleeves to my dad and he cut them down for me. They are not very deep shelves considering how deep the closet is. I did that for a reason I wanted clearance for my mops to go on the door.
All cleaning products go on the floor. I have a steam mop and a spray mop as well as a Swiffer. I also have a broom but that is hung on the wall beside my refrigerator.  
The dogs bathing stuff goes in a caring bucket for 2 reasons. one so I have every thing I need for her with out having to leave the bathroom. second reason is because we camp a lot in the summer and I like to have her bath and grooming stuff with us if we are planning to be gone more then 2 weeks.
All the rags are sorted between 2 baskets there is one upstairs and one down stairs for extra and ones my husband can have for yucky stuff. there is a floor basket for all the floor mop pads in one basket. Then in the dark corner is a basket with light bulbs in it.  

I am a tall girl so I don't have any troubles with having my sheets and covers on the top shelf , but I do not use the humidifier that much only when the kids are sick or its to dry for red and her bleeding noses. We have a stand humidifier in the living room as well. I keep the filters and demoralising stuff in the bucket up top as well.

Our bathroom is very small so anything we don't use on a everyday bases goes in the closet. My husband travels for work sometimes so the travel basket has become a life saver. He can put the little shampoos he gets from the hotels in the basket for next time or when the kids have swimming.
This is maybe my favourite item in the closet. The little drawer unit is so great for boo boo bin. I don't know about anyone else but if you have kids having all the boo boo stuff super quick to get to is so very nice. I have had a client put a unit just like this in her kitchen pantry just because of the convenience of having it were she would use the bandages the most. That's the best way to get your self organised is to not change how you live, change how you store it. I am a lazy and/or busy person so the least amount of steps it takes to put something away the better or it really will not get put away right the first time.
The vanity and medicine cabinet  is all the storage we have in the bathroom so it has to work very well. This is the only bathroom upstairs so all 4 of us use it. As always ana-belle wants to be photogenic.  
So for me clutter on the counter drives me NUTS!!!!! it is harder to clean around things. I get the dry heave when the tooth brushes are on the counter. OH the germs!!!! so in the drawer is all the kids and our teeth thing. second in the hair stuff. I haven't posted a lot of pics of red and her hair but this drawer is a must with a her.
The medicine cabinet has nothing  that we don't use daily. so many people put so much in there that is so scary when you open it.
Under the sink such a hard stop to organise. I love staking bins for hand towels and face cloths (that is all we have if you do laundry once a week you really only need 4-5 towels)and then  feminine stuff. Then in a utensil holder I have all the hair dryer and irons. In the bin in front is stuff we use every morning ie. shaving cream face cream and mouth wash.
Well that is the state of my linen closet witch works great for our busy family. Do you have any great ideas of to keep places that you use everyday all day ,organised?


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