Saturday, 22 October 2016

How do you build your own house with your words?

"Comparison is the death of my soul"

The definition of "compare" is a simple one but man do we use it a lot, sometimes without even knowing it. (Compare- .estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between)

This thought came into my head tonight after I have been at 2 different conferences and noticed a very bad trend between lots of the women I had been meeting. I was shocked at some ladies that I had never met before on how they talked about themselves and I thought "wow if that is what they are telling a stranger what are they telling themselves". I heard "I am not good enough" ”oh you are way better at that then I" “oh I wish I was more like you".  Don't get me wrong I have days were its like uhggg I just can’t get it together and it has taken ALOT of self-awareness to get to where I am now. 

As a Professional Organizer we are deemed the "organized" people. Granted yes we have a trait that a lot of people struggle with. I think everyone has a small part of them that is an organized person. I also feel being organized is more about how well you can get rid of things that don't fit in your space.  So for a while know I have been picturing my thoughts in my head as a house. Would you want to build a foundation with dark and bad materials, no. would you like strong and supportive walls, yes. Would you like a roof that is made with negative repelling components, YES!!!!
So why do we build our "mind" house with such bad materials? Why do we think such horrible things about ourselves?  Most of us are raising children and if our kids came and told us the same things we tell ourselves we would be so sad and crushed. So for the sake of rising our self and our families up, let’s build our house without comparing each other and saying horrible things to our self. Let’s take down that bad foundation and flimsy walls and worn out roof, and make a better house for our self. YOU ARE THE ARCHITECT!!!


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