Saturday, 7 November 2015

Good morning world, what a fine November morning it is. Today I got up oh way to early to get the hubs off to work, and of course I tried to go back to bed but my brain would not let me. Well this week my organizing class did not run this time. I was a little bummed but trying to keep a positive mind set, I tried looking at it as a blessing. Today I am deciding to take my class again lol yes I am going to get my house in a bit of order over the next 4 weeks. Even though we are on day 7 in November but I think it will be great. My home is not noticeably cluttered, but it could use a bit of a cleaning. The 4 weeks will take me just into the beginning of December which will work great with getting ready for Christmas crazies.

I will be starting today full force. The beautiful thing about taking it over 4 weeks you don't get over tiered at least I don't. some people need it done in a week. I find the systems fail if it is to fast. I also have to run my business and run the house with all the kids after school stuff. I am also working part time in my parents business. wow no wonder i cant stay up till 9 pm lol. As Brendon Buchard would say your life's work should be fun. its work but it does not feel like it. It is just what i love to do.  I will be posting my progress every week and may even share some tips from my class.

thanks for reading.

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